Does Media Really have an effect on elections?

There’s what they call freedom of the press which is a right given by the government to the citizens for free public press. But is this right being abused these days? Are media using this right to plot against the government? Do media really have an effect on the elections? I would say yes. The citizen are somewhat being manipulated by media.

We don’t need to look on deeper depths to realize what this freedom can do to us. Just try to consider every election that are about to come and those that had already gone to past. Surely, the candidate with the most attractive banner, the most commercial appearance, and the candidate who reporters would proclaim to have helped the nation or their place in one way or another would surely take their reign.

You could say; “so what?” Yes, for some this effect of the media to election may seem to be a simple issue that should be brushed off the shoulder. But why not use a more critical eye towards the issue? I would say that this influence rob us the power to see clearly each candidate’s capability and power to run the position hence we loss the change to choose the deserving candidate according to our conscience.

I’m not against media. In fact, I am grateful for their hard work and dedication of giving us fresh news everyday. They would also exhaust all means just let us see the real fact behind the issue. There are a lot of media men that had been killed just because they had been faithful to their job of unveiling controversies, promoting the truth, and permitting the citizen to take part in every happenings that would concerns them.

But media doesn’t only concern their reporters rather media also embraces the commercials that politicians do to campaign and the ad that they place on the street. This is what really corrupts the thinking of every person. Who would vote someone they hardly see the name on colorful banners placed along the town? Of course, the rich politicians are only those that can afford to print multicolored banners and display them.

What about the less fortunate but deserving individual? With this, the voting public must take the initiative to research by themselves about the candidate’s personal background and clearly see if they are capable enough on the said position. Remember that it is your vote so no one should dictate what you want to write on your ballot. If you want to see progress then you can help the government by placing people worthy of the position. Those people who have the heart to serve, responsible and most specially, those people that would not use the position for personal interest. Yes, media really have an effect on election but above all, it is you who have the ability to resist the effect or to succumb on it and give them your right choose freely who to place in the office.

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  1. In the USA, Govt does not “give” to its citizens the “right of freedom of the press” ! In the USA, we are governed by a constitution that effectively affirms the citizens’ inherent right of free expression through the press !

    This is one of the ideals that make the USA exceptional ! ?

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